The distinction may be subtle, perhaps, but we're not LARPing here. Few of us are Greek, and none of us are hoplites. You aren't "going to war" when you lift weights. Modern Hoplite is rooted in the idea of adopting the virtues and mindset of our ancient ancestors while adapting them to the present. A Modern Hoplite embodies the characteristics of discipline, bravery, physical fitness, and a sense of civic duty. As such, every purchase comes with a pledge—from you! Get out there and get active in your community. Whether it's area beautification at the local playground, yard work for your elderly neighbor, running for the local school board, or starting a small business, the possibilities are endless.


Forged in 2023 by Hephaestus himself...

My bedtime stories growing up were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Tales of Beowulf's mighty grip that ripped the arm off Grendel, brave Horatius at the Bridge, and the honorable Spartans that held the mountain pass at Thermopylae.

I wanted clothing that spoke to me. Clothing that represented these ideals. Past stories, present influences, future dreams. 

But I couldn't find it anywhere... I made it myself.

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Well, here you go.

What you see here is a glimpse into my inner monologue; images inspired by history to drive your performance. 

"Life is short, the art long." -Hippocrates

Many thanks. Multas gratias. Πολλά ευχαριστώ.

The Training Hall

In the three years surrounding my return to Kansas City, a series of significant events unfolded that convinced me of the need to open a Training Hall.

First, I became acquainted with a few boys in the ten to thirteen age range that, although they played sports, lacked the strength and coordination to perform even the most basic of calisthenic movements; boys without the strength to perform a single push-up or pull-up. Boys without the coordination to learn "Jumping Jacks."

Second, I met an elementary school History/Social Studies teacher who had never heard of Leif Erikson.

I met handfuls of young men that had never read Tolkien or Kipling or Heinlein; had never read Beowulf or The Iliad (preferring, instead, screen time and 30 second videos).

Lastly, every day at my new gym, I offered my expertise to young men in the twelve to twenty age range with no clue how to lift safely or effectively and were clearly running programs gleaned from Instagram and TikTok.

"History is not contained in thick books, but in our very blood" -Carl Jung.

What is a Hero? What is Excellence? What is Hubris? Virtue? Bravery and buffoonery, courage and cowardice, love and lust, violence and virtue; modern boys are lost and lacking guidance. Fortunately, our ancestors were bloody brilliant. Achilles, Beowulf, Frodo and Sam, Quixote, Leonidas... All the Myths, all the Legends, they're real and they're a roadmap.

Call it what you will: gymnasium, palaestra, academy, agoge... The Training Hall will put Modern Hoplite into practice. An agoge for the 21st century with tangible results and meaningful outcomes. This is not a weekend long seminar.

Like earning your Eagle Scout badge or your black belt in jujitsu, my goal is a multi-year, systematic approach to building strong, capable men and future leaders.

Every shirt sold helps to make this dream a reality.

International Shipping

Ireland, Russia, Canada, Japan- I see you visiting and I would love to accommodate you. At this point, however, I just don't generate enough business to ship internationally.

Let's see what happens after the first year...


Cotton/Poly blends are great, but I want better! Wool, hemp, linen, cotton... my goal is to eventually convert to all natural products. Yes, you lose a little bit of the stretch/"athletic" feel, but overall I believe it's better for YOU and for the environment. (So if any of you have connections to sheep herders east of the Euxine or outer Hyperborea, let me know)